I Wonder

I wonder what became of me those many years ago
When life, it seemed, was creating me into the man I am
It lasted many of my years, a change that’s not so small
To know myself, I’ll have to look back upon them all.

But when I look, I see the man to which I did aspire
And I wonder at the sight of me and who I came to be
Taking hold of my experience in the dimming light.
I wondered as day came and went and now becomes the night.

It isn’t hard, you see, to know from whence you came
Simply look upon your heart and search for scars that change
These little things that make you you, and me me, are just a window to the past
Take a look and soon you’ll be soaring right on back.

Memories and experience are a wonder to behold
No matter where you are, they’re something to be held



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