I Wonder

I wonder what became of me those many years ago
When life, it seemed, was creating me into the man I am
It lasted many of my years, a change that’s not so small
To know myself, I’ll have to look back upon them all.

But when I look, I see the man to which I did aspire
And I wonder at the sight of me and who I came to be
Taking hold of my experience in the dimming light.
I wondered as day came and went and now becomes the night.

It isn’t hard, you see, to know from whence you came
Simply look upon your heart and search for scars that change
These little things that make you you, and me me, are just a window to the past
Take a look and soon you’ll be soaring right on back.

Memories and experience are a wonder to behold
No matter where you are, they’re something to be held



The Whisper

The wind flows like water exciting the small drum.

It drums like it has for my entire life.

Listen to me it says

Listen and learn.

Listen to the many things I can teach you.

About who you are, and about who you can be

About the world and all of its glory and decite

It says, I am a twin

My brother lives across the way

He too drums the lasting drum

He can teach you many wonderful things

Through me is a new world everyday

All you must do is listen, listen, listen

Quiet now, just listen

Listen to the whisper


Grace and Beauty combines in you
Binding all hope and love
Faith does not fail to come
Seeking nothing, ne’er to falter

I fall on knees bent to God
And pray that worth is set to me
I kneel upon the alter of His Grace
And, weep ’till morning’s hour

Grace how beautiful you are
You’ve taken a man
Who knew his fears
And set them behind

Rain, then, you cloud of gloom and doubt
Rain upon my head
For I will gather the rain this day
And drink of it instead

Storms are many in this life
And rain pours and pours
But, one can drown
Or swallow the water
And be healed by love – forever

I did not know where I would be
I did not know the day
That Beautiful Grace would find me
But, faith has lead the way


Aiden’s tears

I’ll never get to see you play ball.
I’ll never see you grow up at all.
I’ll never hear your first words
Or hear you cry when you hit the floor.
I won’t have that “Father-son talk”
Or rejoice when you learn how to walk.

But at least I got to hold you tight,
To see your face and say goodnight.
Though I did not know your embrace
Or have you near for very long,
I said, “Good Bye”
And my heart sang its song.

Now my child, in Christ I repose.
Rest on, I’ll see you soon
‘Cause God is merciful and just.
When my time has passed and eternity nears
Then, oh then, I’ll quench your tears


What the church does is what the individuals do.

A.W. Tozer said, “What the church does is what the individuals do.”  On the questions of who is the church? And what does the church do?  I believe this is why unity of the church is so important.  Paul likens the Christian church to a body.  With this metaphor continuing into unity… can’t we say that a body cannot function without unity and single purpose.  We cannot have but one mind (brain), or the body would not and could not move even the slightest bit forward.  No wonder we have such a hard time following Christ.  As a body we are not listening to the brain, the head of the church who is Christ.

Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.
1 Corintians 12:27

Somehow the spinal cord has been broken. But, the damage can be healed. It will be a miracle and it is a miracle each and every time the Lord of Host moves through, in and around the Church. He will move us, if we refuse to move he still will. Praise the Lord!